compassion | February 15, 2011

Karen Armstrong’s Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life Started With This TED Talk

A few weeks ago, religion expert Karen Armstrong released Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life, the book which sprang from her winning a TED Prize in 2007. The TED Prize winner spends the next year or so — with the help of TED — promoting an idea worth spreading. Armstrong’s idea is that everyone should be more compassionate, that we should make religion a force for harmony, especially in these contentious, often violent, and deeply divisive times. Accepting her TED Prize, Armstrong delivered a galvanizing speech in which you can hear the passion that she would pour into her Charter for Compassion and, eventually, into her new book.

From Publishers Weekly:
The prolific, well-informed, and passionate Armstrong (The Case for God) writes a somewhat different book this time out…This counter to the religion-is-homicidal-and-superstitious school of invective passing for thought is well-informed, welcome, and practical.
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