videos | December 21, 2010

Jonah Lehrer Discusses his New York Times Magazine Story on Cities as Complex Systems

Jonah Lehrer's article about urbanism and complex systems, over a year in the making, ran in The New York Times Magazine this week. Last October, I sat down with Jonah (How We Decide) for a long interview at the Toronto airport. We shot the whole thing in a badly-lit hotel room that looked out onto a half empty Park’N Fly parking lot. (There’s your urbanism!) During the interview, Jonah was especially excited to discuss the work of 70 year-old physicist Geoffrey West. Combing through mountains of data, West has formulated something close to a grand theory of how cities function. Enjoy!

From The Lavin Agency YouTube Channel:

Cities and corporations are both organizations of people. Yet, as cities get bigger, they become more likely to endure. Not so with corporations. In this Lavin interview, Jonah Lehrer, drawing on the work of theoretical physicist Geoffrey West, discusses the perils of corporate growth — what happens when a company, like Boeing, becomes a complex system too quickly.

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