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When Fear Replaces Trust: John Ibbitson Reflects on the Uncertainty of Iran for The Globe and Mail

In the not-so-distant past, citizens have rallied around their president in moments of terror and distress. The crisis in Iran feels different. Taking place in the shadow of Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, the current political moment is inspiring more fear than faith. Globe and Mail alum John Ibbitson considers what might happen next.  

“No one knows what game Mr. Trump is truly playing,” writes John Ibbitson. The President’s questionable character—exemplified by his disparaging tweets, unabashed hostility towards U.S. allies, and his controversial friendships with despots—has shaken the American public, and polarized his Republican base. NAFTA is joining citizens in calling for restraint and de-escalation, but no one knows what could happen next. Is Trump looking for an excuse to go to war? Or will he begin to wind this crisis down, seeing as there are so few American casualties, if any?


Ibbitson writes, “Mr. Trump has fired or forced the resignation of many of the advisers who were respected by those beyond the ideological inner circle of this administration. What are the true motivations of people such as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo? What are the military leaders counselling? Is Mr. Trump listening to them?” While early indications—no televised address has yet been made by the President—are good, the future remains shaky.


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