politics | December 20, 2012

John Ibbitson: Three Fearless Political Predictions For 2013

In a recent video, John Ibbitson—The Globe and Mail's Ottawa Bureau Chief—lays out three fearless predictions for the political year to come:

1. The Canadian Government will buy the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.
Despite a great deal of controversy surrounding the cost, Ibbitson predicts that, eventually, the government will        decide that the American jet is the best bet to replace the old, worn-out CF-18s.

2. Adrian Dix will become a headache for Steven Harper.
Ibbitson explains that Adrian Dix is highly favoured to become the Premier of British Columbia in next May's election. He says this will cause a rift between him and Prime Minister Stephen Harper because Dix will aim to put a stop to the Northern Gateway pipeline proposal. This will cause problems because Ibbitson thinks Dix will shut the proposals down altogether—despite Harper being so "keen" on them.

3. Thomas Mulcair will go down in the polls, but then he'll come back.
Even if "rock star" Justin Trudeau wins the Liberal leadership race, Ibbitson says the NDP's popular political presence on the ground (especially in Quebec) will bring him back up to the number 2 spot by this time next year. His popularity could take a hit if Trudeau emerges as the Liberal leader, but Ibbitson says he won't stay down for long.

Ibbitson is an expert on politics in the nation and is the author of The Big Shift. In his writing and his talks, he uses his years of experience in the political sphere to make well-informed predictions for the future. He gives inspired and refreshing insight into the biggest power players in the nation and tailors his talks to the issues of the day to help audiences navigate the forever changing political landscape—and make more informed choices.

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