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John Ibbitson: Canada's New Natural Governing Party? It's The Conservatives

In The Globe and Mail today, political correspondent John Ibbitson gives a candid overview of the most memorable federal election in recent years—and, with three in the last five years, there have been many to choose from. Despite rumblings about the closed nature of Stephen Harper’s campaign, Harper and his Conservatives cake-walked to their first majority, firmly establishing themselves as Canada’s “new natural governing party.” Here, in Ibbitson’s brilliant nutshell, is how this came to pass:
[A] solid plurality of voters decided that, for them, the first job of a government is to protect the citizen’s job, the citizen’s money and the citizen’s safety. They gave Mr. Harper high marks on all counts, and discounted any howls about Parliament being prorogued or reporters not being able to ask questions.

The next four years—with no elections looming!—will be an interesting time for Canada. And John Ibbitson, the Globe’s lead political columnist, and a man who has written extensively about Canada’s future in several bestselling books, will be taking notes. In his speeches, Ibbtison draws out the broader implications of political change (or, in this case, stability) for a wide array of groups. By voting out the Bloc Quebecois, voters in Quebec seemingly renounced yesterday’s sovereigntism. But, Ibbitson asks, is there a “tomorrow’s sovereigntism”—and what will it look like? And how will a majority Conservative Party, with the NDP positioned as official opposition, affect our economy, our industries, and our social programs for the foreseeable future?

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