retail | September 11, 2019

Curious About the Future of Retail? Two of Lavin's Retail Experts Will Answer Your Questions.

The retail industry has undergone a massive, unprecedented transformation in the last few years, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Retail Reinventionist Joe Jackman and Retail Futurist Doug Stephens join forces to answer your most burning questions about the industry and where it’s headed.  

Joe Jackman is a master of retail reinvention. As the founder and CEO of Jackman Reinvents, he helps mature businesses get back to growth and relevance through a powerful combination of research, strategy, design, and activation. To date, his reinvention projects have shaped hundreds of billions of dollars in sales.


Doug Stephens has spent over 20 years in retail. Today, he’s one of the most influential retail futurists on the planet, and the founder of his own consultancy, Retail Prophet. He helps brands understand the historic shifts happening in the industry, from economics and demographics to consumerism and technology, and how to stay ahead. Stephens is also the author of The Retail Revival and Reengineering Retail, and hosts the top-rated retail podcast on iTunes.


Jackman and Stephens will be answering your questions on the future of retail in a four-part video series. You can submit questions through Twitter and LinkedIn with the hashtags #retailaskusanything and #retailaua up until September 27th.


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