entrepreneurs | October 11, 2011

Jeremy Gutsche: On Leaving a Cushy Financial Job to Start Trend Hunter

In the Financial Post this week, Jeremy Gutsche talks about what inspired him to leave his cushy management consultant job at Capital One to concentrate full-time on Trend Hunter, the world's most influential trend website. As Gutsche tells the Post, his driving entrepreneurial spirit is second nature: "I guess I was always just an entrepreneur at heart—desperately looking for what my next big idea would be, and that started when I was just a kid. Pretty much every decision I made in life, whether it was my university or becoming a management consultant, was all just to really point my brain in the direction of new ideas and I hoped along the way that I would figure out what I wanted to do."

Jeremy Gutsche’s not insignificant gamble has paid off. Trendhunter.com is now the #1 trend-spotting site in the world and is closing in on a staggering one billion views. In the article, Gutsche goes out of his way to stress that an exceptional amount of hard work and devotion are what separates success from failure as an entrepreneur: "The basic model was: come home, do all the work myself until four in the morning and then begin the coding, graphic designing and all that kind of stuff for about a year-and-a-half until I started doing it full-time. By then, Trend Hunter had grown to about one million views per month. It started taking off and that allowed me to really dedicate myself full-time." 

On top of his dominance of the cool-hunting medium at Trend Hunter, Gutsche is also one of North America’s most requested keynotes, speaking internationally on creativity, innovation, and, yes, following your entrepreneurial spirit wherever it leads you.

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