innovation | May 17, 2019

With 10 Million Views, Jeremy Gutsche’s Better and Faster Is the #1 Innovation Talk in Video History

“Your big idea is so much closer than you think,” says Trend Hunter CEO and innovation speaker Jeremy Gutsche in his fire-starting innovation talk, Better and Faster. Having just rung the bell on 10 million views, this viral milestone makes Gutsche the #1 innovation speaker in video history (and in our hearts). 

Based on his New York Times bestselling book and work helping more than 500 brands, billionaires, and CEOs accelerate innovation, Jeremy Gutsche’s most popular keynote will ignite your audience with tactical takeaways and next steps to help your team get the most from the event. A core problem threatening business today is that people fail to adapt—or that they don’t know how close they are to even better ideas.  After 10,000 years of evolution as farmers, we are pre-wired with a series of neurological traps that block smart teams and successful people from realizing their full potential. In this keynote, audiences will learn how to find their next level and will get the tools, takeaways, and an innovation assessment to ensure they are equipped to make change happen. And while it’s not the same as seeing the real thing, you can watch Gutsche’s history-making viral video here. 


BETTER & FASTER: Innovation Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche's Top Speech on Innovation

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