building communities | December 11, 2018

Public Art Can Transform a City. Jane Golden’s Story Proves It.

Jane Golden turned Philly’s 1984 graffiti crisis into a wealth of opportunity for talented young artists. “What’s our responsibility to young people in this city? To offer them every opportunity and option possible,” she says in her celebrated TEDx talk. In lively, enthusiastic keynotes, she explains how she grew Mural Arts Philadelphia into the nation’s largest public art program, helping to transform not just the walls of the city, but the lives of the people who live there.  

Whether you’re a community organizer, activist, artist, caregiver, or local business, Golden’s motivating, hopeful perspective show the way that art succeeds where traditional social interventions have failed. Check our her TEDx talk below:

Transforming a city, one mural at a time | Jane Golden | TEDxPenn


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