sustainability | July 18, 2011

James Fallows: The Future of Energy Includes "Clean Coal"

In his Atlantic cover story on “Clean Coal,” James Fallows riled up both the energy industry and the environmental sector—getting them to examine all sides of the world’s pressing energy concerns. “Clean Coal,” he argued, is not an oxymoron but a viable solution—for now—to a problem that has no easy answer. Fallows' said that, while coal may not be the most ideal energy source, it does satisfy the demands of the future—and, by using emerging technologies, coal’s environmental impact can be lessened. Building on his long-form article, Fallows recently spoke about “Clean Coal” at the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. His trademark objectivity and easy onstage manner helped convey some difficult truths about the future of energy in America and around the world.

From Kentucky's local Lexington Herald-Leader:
"While Fallows characterized his remarks as a “good news speech,” it was nothing like the hot air we usually hear from the coal industry and its cheerleaders. No matter how successful the world is at developing alternative energy, coal will remain a vital fuel for decades, Fallows said. But he stressed that global economic, scientific and political trends will require that coal be mined and burned in more environmentally friendly ways. It is smarter to lead change than be trampled by it."

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