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L.A. Confidential Author James Ellroy, the “Demon Dog” of American Literature, is Now a Lavin Speaker

James Ellroy—the “Godfather of crime fiction”—is the internationally acclaimed, award-winning author behind L.A. Confidential, The Black Dahlia, American Tabloid, and most recently, Perfidia, which The Guardian called “an awe-inspiring vision of social, moral and human chaos.” 

In candid talks, he shares the historical inspiration behind his books, and the quirks of a genre he proved could be literary. Leading audiences through tales of neon-lit American history, gossip, and the criminal element that inspires him, Ellroy’s talks are uniquely engaging: funny, frightening, and brilliantly told. 


In the video below he speaks about “growing up in the film noir epicenter at the height of the film noir era,” and how that informed, and continues to inform, his life and work. 


James Ellroy UNCUT (09/10/2014)**


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