design | March 06, 2011

Is 3D Printing the Future of Mass Design? Neri Oxman in the Economist

Neri Oxman — the acclaimed MIT designer, artist, and materials scientist who designed a chair that moves with your body weight — was featured in a recent Economist article on 3D Printing. That’s right, 3D Printing! In the future, the magazine writes, “some see consumers downloading products as they do digital music and printing them out at home, or at a local 3D production centre, having tweaked the designs to their own tastes.” Here’s Neri Oxman’s part in the piece.

From The Economist:
The idea of the 3D printer determining the form of the items it produces intrigues Neri Oxman, an architect and designer who heads a research group examining new ways to make things at MIT’s Media Lab. She is building a printer to explore how new designs could be produced. Dr Oxman believes the design and construction of objects could be transformed using principles inspired by nature, resulting in shapes that are impossible to build without additive manufacturing. She has made items from sculpture to body armour and is even looking at buildings, erected with computer-guided nozzles that deposit successive layers of concrete.
Photo of Neri Oxman and Kevin Slavin, via Slavin at Flickr, Creative Commons.

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