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Victims’ Rights Attorney Carrie Goldberg is the Fearless, “Time’s Up” Era Voice We Need to Hear

Welcome Carrie Goldberg to the Lavin roster. She’s a tenacious lawyer fighting for individuals under attack—online and off. Profiled in a major New Yorker feature, with an upcoming memoir and TV show in the works, Goldberg is the charismatic legal warrior we need in a post-Weinstein, #MeToo world.  

Carrie Goldberg’s work stands at the intersection of social justice, human rights, legal reform, cyber security, and consent politics. Having built a successful law firm from scratch, dedicated entirely to victims’ rights, Goldberg is a new king of attorney and privacy champion who fights back against perpetrators of sexual misconduct, and empowering victims in the process.   


As she puts it, her firm’s purpose is to stop, “a**holes, psychos, trolls, and pervs,” and restore peace to her clients’ lives. In her inspiring, practical, and compelling talks, devoid of legalese and brimming with passion and hope, she speaks about consent, the spread of online harrassment, sextortion—and points to the solutions within reach, including the contribution each of us can make to protect ourselves and others.    

You could become a victim of ‘revenge porn’ without sending a single dirty pic | New York Post


Carrie Goldberg is just one of The Lavin Agency’s speakers changing the way we think—and act—with regard to cybersecurity. Visit our dedicated Cybersecurity topic page to learn more about speakers like Laura Galante, whose insight into the habits of Russian hackers will have you rotating your passwords ASAP.

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