cities | March 26, 2015

Innovative Cities: Rahaf Harfoush on How Digital Culture is Changing Our Lives

In a recent keynote at the Dallas Festival of Ideas, Rahaf Harfoush presented her vision for the future of cities: where digital culture plays an essential role in creating the best possible place to visit, live, and run a business. Harfoush is a digital innovation and foresight strategist who worked on President Barack Obama's election campaign (which became the subject of her book, Yes We Did!). She is the co-author of The Decoded Company, the preeminent book on big data in the workplace.

More about Harfoush's talk on the future of cities:

Innovative Cities: How Digital Culture is Changing the Way We Live

How is digital culture changing the way we live in cities? In this talk, Rahaf Harfoush examines the role of technology for citizens, governments, and businesses. We all have the same goals in mind: to boost the local economy, to improve tourism, to attract the best and brightest talent, and—most importantly—to create the best possible quality of life for all citizens. To do this, innovative cities must prioritize digital culture. We must find easy ways for people to connect with and report problems to their local government. We must provide new, attractive features and initiatives for people and businesses. And, we must focus on real-life benefits, transparency, and engagement. Harfoush shares her predictions for how technology will continue to impact cities, and what we can do to positively shape the future of our urban centres.

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