innovation | March 05, 2013

Innovation Speaker Steve Wozniak Sends Uplifting Letter To Korean Student

Not only is Steve Wozniak a great innovation keynote speaker, he's a genuinely nice guy as well! That was made even more evident when 19-year-old South Korean student Yang Yeon-su sent him a letter to thank him for his great speech at her school last summer. Not only did Wozniak reply, but he gave the young girl detailed advice and a hopeful message to pass on to the rest of her classmates. In the letter, he expanded on points he made in his presentation about the future of technology, and tips on how to first break into the industry. His insights were especially meaningful to Yeon-su and her classmates because they do not see a lot of successful, inspirational, business leaders come to speak to them.

Here's an except of the letter, which went into the public domain earlier this week:

The best things I did in my young years leading up to the early Apple computers were done because I had little money and had to think deeply to achieve the impossible. Also, I had never done those technologies or studied them. I had to write the book myself. Being self-taught, figuring out how to design computers with pencil and paper, made me skilled at finding solutions that I had not been taught.