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Inclusion, Partnership, & Reconciliation: Introducing New Speaker Kelly J. Lendsay

For a prosperous and healthy future in North America (and around the world), we must first acknowledge the harmful impact of social and economic exclusion on our Indigenous communities, as well as the powerful path of inclusion for renewing relationships and sustaining partnerships. A proud Canadian of Métis, Cree, and European ancestry, Kelly J. Lendsay talks about real inclusion: cross-cultural partnerships of mutual benefit to all parties, based on the principles of shared values, common good, and reconciliation. As President and CEO of the Aboriginal Human Resource Council (AHRC), and one of our foremost innovators of Indigenous workplace inclusion and education, Lendsay presents a stirring vision of what we can accomplish together, free of shame or blame.

The cornerstone of Lendsay’s talks is the concept that greater partnerships will benefit all sides at the table. Through discussion of ‘Inclusion Leadership,’ Lendsay shows how government and business can forge more meaningful engagements with Indigenous communities—through training, employment, and workplace partnership—and how these can lead to a powerful ROI: a return on investment, inclusion, and integrity. He illustrates ways that organizations can align themselves with the AHRC’s Leadership Circle program and Inclusion Continuum: proven processes to help awaken agency and seize a competitive advantage. And he shows how greater investment in Indigenous youth—Canada’s youngest, fastest growing generation—will lead to the improved health of our businesses, provinces, and national economy. In compassionate, accessible talks, grounded in our sometimes painful history yet enlivened with numerous stories of success, Lendsay shows us pathways to inclusion for a more equitable nation.

Lendsay’s dedication to workplace inclusion and diversity is internationally recognized. With his guidance, the AHRC has grown into an ISO-certified national social enterprise. He leads the council’s exciting new charity, Kochita, designed to empower youth to reach their career potentials. Previously, he launched the first Indigenous business education program in the country, and wrote one of the most widely cited sources on the implications of Indigenous demographics and the economy. He is a co-recipient of the Canadian Institute of Management’s Around Outstanding MBA Graduate Award, recipient of the Xerox “Excellence in Leadership National Award,” and was named one of the “100 Alumni of Influence” by the University of Saskatchewan. His other community involvements, including charitable committees, boards, and foundations, are extensive. 

Through rekindling trust, renewing relationships, and building partnerships, Kelly J. Lendsay works to create prosperity for all people, of all backgrounds and stations. And he presents a vision of collaboration that not only resonates across Canada, but with global audiences—for any sector committed to integrity, diversity, and strength.

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