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In The Name Of STEM: Kal Penn's Keynote On Pursuing Careers In Science

Kal Penn recently ventured to Benjamin Banneker Middle School in the name of science. Well, in the name of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) to be more exact. The actor and former civil servant gave a keynote to stress the importance of studying STEM-based courses in school. As the host of the new Discovery Channel show The Big Brain Theory: Pure Genius, Penn sees the benefits of STEM learning first hand. The contestants on the show are trying to create the next big invention—and, watching the young inventors create things from scratch acts as motivation to get other young people involved in those core disciplines.

Penn's message certainly resonated with the Benjamin Banneker students. The Washington Post interviewed several of the school's students after the event—all of which gave positive reviews of Penn's talk. One student said the hearing Penn speak at her school was a "really good experience and a great time." Another student said that he learned how valuable STEM classes could be in getting a good career, and that Penn's speech helped show him why he should take an interest in those kinds of classes. Other students who already had an interest in the sciences noted that hearing Penn speak about the opportunities in the field made them even more excited to continue studying STEM.

Penn's charismatic demeanor makes him an accessible speaker to a wide range of audiences. Whether he's giving a rousing political speech at the Democratic National Convention, or promoting the value of science to middle-schoolers, he uses his signature brand of humor and well-rounded experience to drive his message home. There's never a dull moment when he takes to the stage—and he delivers valuable insight to his audiences while giving them a laugh or two along the way.

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