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In Pakistan, Trendhunter CEO Jeremy Gutsche Finds Passion and Innovation

Trendhunter CEO Jeremy Gutsche recently sent us a heartfelt and forward-looking email, celebrating an important milestone: it’s been three years since he quit his innovation job to work full time on—his acclaimed website which, in just a few weeks, will pass one billion all-time views. During that time, Jeremy’s also travelled the world, giving keynotes on how to methodically stimulate ideas and creativity during times of change. For his latest tour, we’ve sent Jeremy Gutsche to Pakistan, a wildly misunderstood country that, when you look closely, has a lot going on in terms of innovation. The country faces daunting business challenges in the years ahead, and Jeremy was there to lend some perspective.

From Jeremy Gutsche:
Today, I am writing this update from Pakistan, more than 10,000 miles from our Toronto office. I’m here for two days of workshops and keynotes to help inspire business leaders not only about innovation, but also on how to reinvent Pakistan for 2015. I’ve been touched by how appreciative people have been for this sort of work. Pakistan has often been labeled as the world’s ‘most dangerous’ country in magazines like The Economist. Having said that, there is a vibrant culture and innovative leaders who are SO PASSIONATE about their country, and wanting to find ways to inspire their people and showcase the creativity that thrives behind the walls of negative media press. For example, in 2009, Trend Hunter covered “Anti-Terrorist Fashion”, the first ever Pakistan Fashion week. The fashion show brought together 30 designers who wanted to counteract the negative press associated with their country by celebrating its colourful couture. It’s ideas like this that the business leaders of Pakistan want to celebrate… and it is ideas like this that Trend Hunter facilitates around the world.

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