entrepreneurship | April 06, 2016

Ido Leffler & Sarah Prevette Advise Entrepreneurs in Quit Your Day Job

In the exciting new docu-series Quit Your Day Job, two of Lavin’s expert business speakers—Ido Leffler and Sarah Prevette—are doling out key advice to a cast of intrepid millennial entrepreneurs competing for a substantial investment in their business plans (and the chance to quit their jobs, of course!). Described as a mix of Shark Tank and Project Runway for its high-stakes pitching, its need for contestants to prove their ideas actually work, and its tense elimination process, Quit Your Day Job is racking up fans across the US. And while Leffler and Prevette offer money, motivation, and expertise (just like we know they can), they’re also making for compelling and highly addictive TV—so be sure to tune in on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. on Oxygen!

According to Forbes, the show is also noteworthy for its inclusion of women and minority business hopefuls. While still offering insider “tips on how to run customer focus groups, how to build a personal brand as an entrepreneur and thinking beyond just one product to building an entire brand portfolio” QYDJ gets some commendations for being “aimed at professional millennial women” and for featuring “particularly underrepresented” entrepreneurs.

You can stream a number of clips and interviews for the show, including the entirety of the first episode—called “Unbeweavable”—online at Oxygen, or simply watch the embedded trailer below. And for now, read up on Leffler and Prevette’s top career advice for other “wannabe moguls” on Marie Claire (spoiler: Leffler tells us that we “dont need a business degree to start a business,” while Prevette reminds us that “yes, you need a business plan”).

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