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"I Want Congo To Be a Movement, Like Darfur." Lisa Shannon in The Huffington Post

Lisa Shannon, the founder of Run for Congo Women, has been selected as the first “Greatest Woman of the Day” by The Huffington Post as part of its month-long celebration of Women’s History Month. Though Lisa admits that she wouldn’t have been able to find Congo on a map of Africa just a few years ago, she has, to date, raised over $1 million for Congolese women. (The Congo, she reminds us, is often called “the worst place on Earth to be a woman.”) Today, Lisa Shannon stands as one of the most eloquent, outspoken, and influential activists working to bring international attention — and action — to the Congo, where one of the worst wars since World War II continues to rage.

The Huffington Post, on Lisa Shannon:
Lisa would like to see the international community, along with the U.S., develop a plan to address the conflict, instead of pouring $1 billion annually into the country without concrete demands for change on the part of the Congolese government.

“Fourteen years into the deadliest conflict in decades, we need to be able to say to their government: ‘Our support of you is contingent on your engagement in ending this,’” she insisted.

For her part, Lisa is focused on building momentum behind her base of fundraising and media support.

“We’ve cultivated a lot of emotional bonds between women in the U.S. and in Congo. I want to leverage these to end the violence. I want Congo to be a movement, like Darfur.”

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