education | June 04, 2013

Humble & Engaging:Sal Khan Gives An Education Speech at MIT

Education speaker Salman Khan, founder of the Khan Academy, recently traveled to his alma mater to deliver a keynote. A graduate of MIT back in 1998, Khan felt right at home on the stage. In the talk, Khan discussed his journey with the Khan Academy and what it meant for the future of learning. He received a warm reception, and his speech and stage presence earned him a great deal of praise. One reviewer in The Tech (one of MIT's online publications), wrote that Khan "came across as an engaging, humble speaker."

While he was hesitant to lay out a specific model for success that Khan Academy follows, he did have some insight about what makes a good educational platform. Lecturing at students, he says, is not the most ideal way to teach them new content. "The most important part of the learning process is problem-solving, peer tutoring, working on things with your hands," he said. He also applauded the school for promoting the school's MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses) program.

Offering free, quality content online is a powerful way to provide everyone around the world the ability to access a top-notch education. That's what Khan hopes to do with his online video software and dashboard tools: Provide world-class learning for anyone, anywhere. In his talks and his book, The One World School House, Khan presents a re-imagined educational model. The way we teach our kids is changing—and Khan will put you on the forefront of that change.

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