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How to Spend $7,000 in Seven Hours: Amber Mac Gets Generous for Charity

Amber Mac donates to The Toronto Humane Society

Amber Mac donates to Unicef

Yesterday, social media speaker, author, and TV host Amber Mac was one of four celebrities to take part in a unique charity fundraiser for ING Direct. Amber had to spend $7,000 in seven hours on acts of kindness toward others. At the end of her spree, the online bank donated an additional $15,000 to the charity of her choice. So, how does someone spend $7,000 on complete strangers over the course of one hectic and drizzly day in Toronto? I asked Amber Mac to break it down:

8:00 am Arrived at agency for make-up/hair.

9:00 am Departed with THRIVEtastic team and $7,000 on my card.

9:30 am Arrived at Kidding Awound toy store and bought $700 worth of toys for Sick Kids Hospital.

10:00 am Arrived at Lady Bug florist and bought $700 worth of flowers, dozens of bouquets in all.

10:30 am Tweeted to friends on Twitter to meet us at Dundas Square for free stuff, flowers, gadgets, and more!

10:30 am Arrived at Bay Bloor Radio and bought $700 worth of gadgets, including headphones and clock radios for our Dundas Square giveaway.

11:00 am Arrived at Sick Kids Hospital to meet with the folks from my charity, Therapeutic Clown Association at Sick Kids. Gave away the toys for an afternoon slumber party the kids were having and donated an additional $700 to the charity.

12:00 pm Went to pet store to buy $700 worth of pet food. Talked to a parrot who spoke back.

1:00 pm Arrived in slush and rain at Dundas Square to a Ryerson student with a pink sign @ambermac and 30-40 more avid Twitter fans.  Gave away all our flowers and gadgets.

1:30 pm Went to Hard Rock for lunch and bought a family from Spain their lunch. Also, gave away ten $100 email money transfers to Twitter followers who tweeted me back the fastest.

2:00 pm Went to bank machine to withdraw $700 and gave all the money away, in $20 increments, to students at Ryerson.

3:00 pm Went to The World’s Biggest Book Store to buy $500 worth of books for public schools in Toronto’s East End.

3:30 pm Dropped off books to school.

3:45 pm Paid one Twitter follower’s credit card bill.

3:55 pm Brought all our pet supplies to Toronto Humane Society.

Forgot one! Asked UNICEF to join us in Dundas Square and gave them $700 donation and flowers.

A Ryerson University Student

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