execution & performance | August 06, 2019

How to Reach Your Peak: Anders Ericsson Explains the Science of Expertise with Thrive

Psychologist and author Anders Ericsson has spent decades studying how people reach exceptional levels of success. His data shows that, more than talent, deliberate practice has a profound impact on performance. In a new interview with Thrive, Ericsson dives into what means to practice with intention.

“I have never seen an individual whose excellence was not the result of formal training,” Anders Ericsson declares. He has spent his career studying high-performance individuals, from chess champions to star athletes, and what makes them great. Ericsson’s revolutionary insights have been distilled into his book Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise, a science-based narrative that applies the principles of great performance to everyday life. “The only reason most of us don’t build expertise is lack of the single-minded focus required to engage in deliberate practice over the years.”


But what is it that makes practice “deliberate”? More than the mindless repetition of an activity, deliberate practice is a mindful and highly specialized exercise. It’s also one that requires the feedback and modification of a highly experienced coach. “Living in a cave does not make you a geologist. Not all practice makes perfect,” Anders explains. “You need a particular kind of practice, a deliberate practice—to develop expertise.”


You can read Ericsson’s full interview here.


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