entrepreneurship | May 13, 2020

How Can Entrepreneurs Get Through COVID-19? Business Journalist David Sax Reveals Two Essential Truths

If business owners can learn to embrace two certainties, they’ll be able to get through anything, says David Sax. In his new piece for Entrepreneur, he considers how the challenges presented by COVID-19 are showing us what we’re capable of.

“The only way entrepreneurs will get through this is by embracing our two core truths — the only two certainties in an entrepreneur’s life,” writes David Sax in Entrepreneur. “They’re not money, fame, innovation or disruption. They are this: risk and freedom. You cannot have one without the other, and so an entrepreneur must have both.”

Sax has been interested in entrepreneurship for a long time. Not just the celebrated Silicon Valley archetype of an entrepreneur, either, but business owners of all stripes—the ones who truly make up our economy. In his new book, The Soul of an Entrepreneur, Sax examines how we can move beyond this narrow definition and get back to the core of entrepreneurship. He showcases stories from business owners across all industries and demographics, so that we might celebrate entrepreneurship in all of its diversity, and make it truly accessible to all. And though the appearance of the coronavirus is understandably omitted from the book, the subject matter remains relevant as ever.

Today, the inherent risk in entrepreneurship is being laid bare by this invisible enemy we’re all fighting. And the government response has, in many cases, left much to be desired. But that’s where the freedom part of the entrepreneur’s bargain comes in. “To get through this crisis, we now have to double down on that freedom. We have to try new things, create opportunities, pivot, shift, experiment and swing for the fences. We need to find a way to move forward. And from what I’ve seen so far this past month, that is exactly what we are doing.”

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