social media | May 29, 2011

Going Mobile: Amber Mac on the Next Step in Online Engagement

Amber Mac, the consultant, author, and TV host who has chronicled and even enabled the growth of social media, is now co-hosting a new show dedicated to the next step in online and mobile engagement. App Central, airing on BNN and CTV (and, of course, on the web) covers apps for iPads, Blackberries, Android devices and other tablets and smartphones. Coming at a time of critical mass — the iTunes store, for instance, recently passed 10 billion downloads — App Central features reviews, celebrity interviews, and up-to-the-second-news. “So many people are going from having laptops and desktop computers in front of them,” Amber said, “to carrying around these mobile devices, and they depend on all these applications throughout their day to be productive, to do interesting things.”

Amber also has a new talk, dedicated solely to apps and the exciting new world of mobile. Here's what it's all about:
PCs are quickly becoming digital-age dinosaurs. That traditional space is being filled by mobile devices -- and you don't want to be left at a desktop in a smartphone future. In this prescient keynote, Amber reveals real-world examples of how leading organizations are adapting how they work, how they market, and how they communicate in a new competitive reality that has become mobile-dominated. She makes sense of the top tools and speaks with her trademark clarity, offering a smart yet accessible keynote packed with takeaways.

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