digital and social media | December 18, 2012

Go Digital & Get More Organized: Alex Samuel's New eBook Tells You How

"Getting hung up on questions like 'where did I put that?' and 'what should I really do next?' doesn’t just waste time and energy; it can actually keep you from achieving your full potential," Alexandra Samuel writes in her new eBook, Work Smarter with Evernote. Released by the Harvard Business Review Press earlier this week, the short tech guide provides detailed advice on how to use social media tools to be more focused and productive in your personal and professional life. Similar to the content she features regularly on her blog, Samuel says the book is the first in a series of soon-to-come guides that helps readers learn how to use digital and new media tools and apps to take their lives to the next level. The first effort focuses on the note-taking and organizing app Evernote and how it can be used to effortlessly organize your activities and tasks. The Internet has opened up a world of possibilities for us to accomplish more, and Samuel says that using contemporary digital tools like Evernote can help us harness that potential and, as her blog name suggests, "love our lives online."

Samuel not only has a passion for the digital space, but also wants to share its potential with others. She presents concrete solutions for making better use of social media and digital tools in her consulting work at Vision Critical, in her keynotes, and on her blog. She helps clients navigate the increasingly digitized world, and shows them how to benefit from the newest technology available.

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