urban design | October 25, 2012

Global Design NYU: Mitchell Joachim's Traveling City [VIDEO]

At Global Design NYU, Mitchell Joachim and a selection of his peers came together to rethink the future of urban architecture. As one of the directors of the event, Joachim not only contributed a working model created by his non-profit organization Terreform ONE, but also helped bring a collection of exciting new technologies to the public. His model was crafted to be a traveling exhibition, where local urban issues facing one particular city were built into a scaled model that moves from place to place. The purpose was to allow diverse groups of people the opportunity to discuss and debate the issues he had presented, and inspire new ideas to solve them.

Called a "visionary" by Popular Science magazine, Joachim designs practical but disruptive technologies that reevaluate how people live and work together in cities. In his talks—and in his lectures as a professor at NYU and the European Graduate School—he presents the possibilities that exist in a world where biology and architecture have come together as a combined entity. At the design event, the work of Joachim and the other designers have attempted to do just that: come up with new sustainable technologies that are both aesthetically pleasing and engaging for the community. The TED Fellow is dedicated to exploring the possibilites that exist at the intersection of construction and sustainability. His work sparks conversation, stimulates new ideas, and inspires audiences to think about the future of urban life.

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