business strategy | August 09, 2015

Geoff Colvin’s Humans Are Underrated: Machines Can’t Replace Key Human Attributes

The threat of innovative technology replacing human jobs is more palpable than ever. As more tasks become automated—or eliminated outright—the livelihoods of millions of people are on the line. But in business speaker Geoff Colvin’s acclaimed new book—Humans Are Underrated—the future doesn’t seem so grim. In fact, Colvin argues that intrinsic human qualities of empathy, communication, creativity, and humour have durable, irreplaceable value in an automated future. Those who possess these skills will soon be the most valuable assets to our organizations—and luckily, these core human abilities can be taught, cultivated, and strengthened.

Colvin’s point isn’t that we should, or can, beat computers at their own game. Rather, it’s to develop what machines will never master—interpersonal sensitivity, empathetic connections—to achieve success in a transforming landscape. To prove his point, he investigates the worlds of medicine, military, higher education, and more, proving each time how soft skills are integral for staying competitive.

Called “one of the most creative and insightful leadership books I have ever read” by Doris Goodwin and “an extremely important, highly practical, indeed exhilarating book” by Sir Martin Sorrell, Humans Are Underrated is an inspiring championing of right-brain skills from Fortune Magazine’s Senior Editor and one of North America’s most trusted business analysts.

Whether speaking on leadership, globalization, wealth creation, or the info-tech revolution—and whether before groups of 10 or 10,000—Geoff Colvin confronts the largest issues head-on, sorting the winners from the losers with critical accuracy. To book Geoff Colvin as a keynote speaker for your event, contact The Lavin Agency