leadership | November 14, 2012

General Rick Hillier (Ret.): Good Leaders Focus On People, Not Process

General Rick Hillier (Ret.) "knows a thing or two about leadership," a review of his recent keynote declares. As the former chief of defence, General Hillier (Ret.) was responsible for leading troops through the grueling war in Afghanistan. His charismatic and outgoing personality made him a favourite not only with his troops, but with the media and the nation at large. It's no surprise then, that in his keynotes he explains that good leadership comes from focusing on the people first—rather than on the process or the tools needed to complete a task. "If you focus on the people, then you could use tools like technology and tools like process and tools like organization in an intelligent manner,” General Hillier (Ret.) said in the speech. “If you don’t get the people part right, those tools can actually drag you down because it will become a product of itself.”

After retiring as the nation's top general, he authored the book Leadership: 50 Points of Wisdom for Today's Leaders—a must have for people in all industries looking to lead their organizations to greater things. As he explains in his book, relating to the people you lead is the key to successfully driving them toward success. Further, as he states in his keynote, positively interacting with the people you are leading is also important. “If you are a leader that is focused on people then you are going to move them by your optimism each and every day,” he says. “Attitude can affect people in a very negative or in a very positive way.” Building from three decades in military service, General Hillier (Ret.) the lessons he has learned both as a solider and as the chief of defence. He is an in-demand leadership speaker whose customized talks present both the inspiration—and the tools—necessary to make anyone an effective leader.

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