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From Social to Sale: Alexandra Samuel's Report on Purchasing Power

How does social media translate into sales? Companies are making huge investments into social media marketing often without a clear understanding of its actual effect on sales. Alexandra Samuel is Vice President of Social Media at Vision Critical, the company that has endeavored to answer this question with the most robust study on social-to-sale yet. Drawing on insights gained from surveying over 80,000 social media users, we can finally answer one of today’s most important boardroom questions: Is it worth it to continue to promote your product through social media? According to Vision Critical’s whitepaper, the answer is a resounding yes.

Here are a few key findings from the study:

  • 4 in 10 social media users have purchased an item online or in-store after sharing or favoriting it on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest
  • Facebook is the network most likely to drive customers towards a purchase: nearly one in three Facebook users have purchased something after sharing, liking, or commenting on it on Facebook
  • Pinterest is the network most likely to drive spontaneous purchasing: 47% of users say they “happened upon” the item they pinned and purchased, without searching for it
  • Pinterest is a key player in the “reverse showrooming” trend, in which customers who browse potential purchases online end up buying the product at a physical store
  • Twitter is the biggest driver of mobile social shopping: people who make a social media-inspired purchase on a mobile device
  • Mobile social shoppers are 69% male, 31% female
  • A sampling of purchases inspired by Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter: bag of moss, cookie sheet, motorcycle helmet, science fiction novel, coffee maker, diet meds, dog sweater, treadmill, nail polish, eBook reader, glow sticks

How does this research apply to your business? In her data-driven talk, Alexandra Samuel shares the results of this ground-breaking study. She draws on her own experience as a social media marketer to show you how these insights can drive your own social media strategies and increase the ROI on your marketing efforts. 

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