zestcash | October 30, 2012

From Google To ZestCash: Innovation Speaker Douglas Merrill [VIDEO]

After spending years, "having a lot of fun" working as the Chief Information Officer at Google, innovation speaker Douglas Merrill decided to shift gears and use his technical know-how to help hard-working families that need a little extra cash. After leaving his post at Google, Merrill founded his financial company ZestCash. "We're trying to use really advanced technology to give people who don't have access to traditional credit...fair, transparent and lower-cost credit [alternatives]," Merrill explained in an interview with Lavin. The company, which now has two separate sub-categories known as ZestFinance and Spotloans, provides small, short term loans for people who do not have the opportunity to obtain credit through traditional means such as credit cards or bank loans.

"This notion of using technology to help people's lives goes through my whole career," he says in the video. From his early days doing his PhD at Princeton to his time at Google to launching a startup at ZestCash, Merrill is truly on the forefront of harnessing innovative technologies to meet people's changing needs. His keynotes are as intriguing as his work, thanks in part to his forward-thinking ideas as well as his charismatic and energetic stage presence. Merrill helps you transform ideas from the abstract to the concrete, and opens your eyes to new, burgeoning technologies that will help you win in your business, and in life.

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