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Advance Praise for Drew Dudley’s New Book This Is Day One (Plus How to Get a Free Copy!)

Drew Dudleys TED talk “Everyday Leadership (The Lollipop Moment)” has almost 5 million views, and was voted one of the most inspiring TED talks of all time. His forthcoming book This Is Day One turns that inspiration into a practical, how-to guide for developing a leadership action plan, customized to your life and career.

“Leadership is accessible,” says Drew Dudley. “In fact, most of the leadership on the planet is delivered by people who don't see themselves as leaders.” This Is Day One contains years of research and stories to prove it, as well as the tools, guides, and step-by-step processes designed to reveal your core leadership values, embed them into your daily behavior, and drive improved performance, productivity, impact and happiness. 


Dudley’s keynotes are funny, wise, and useful. Right now, if you book before August 21st, you may be eligible to recieve free copies of This Is Day One for your audience. 


Advance praise for This Is Day One:

“I have a problem with most leadership books. They scream from mountaintops. They quote superstars. And the authors play the role of preacher on a pedestal. But Drew is different. The pedestal has been kicked away. The superstars replaced by everyday people. And what shines through? The magical wisdom of life changing stories on how we can be better people and live better lives. This isn’t a why book. It’s a how book. You already know leadership matters. Now here’s how to do it.”

- Neil Pasricha, NY Times Bestselling author of “The Book of Awesome” and “The Happiness Equation”


“Drew Dudley is one of the greatest leadership experts of our time, so if you care about accomplishing your goals and unleashing your fullest potential, this book is written for you. Drew provides true stories, genuine insights and clear strategies that will allow you to reach new levels of success and impact. Whether you're a CEO or recent graduate, you'll uncover incredible lessons that could transform your life.”
- Shane Feldman, CEO, Count Me In


“This book is a game-changer. Drew Dudley cuts through the noise and explains what leadership really should be. The thought-provoking stories and candor will change the way you view your leadership, life, career, and relationships. Whether you’re leading an executive team to an IPO or an elementary school class to pursue their dreams, Drew Dudley will guide you through a leadership framework you can use daily to change your life forever.”
- Derrick Fung, CEO, Drop Technologies Inc.


Drew Dudley is a premier motivational speaker. To learn more about him, or one of our other inspirational, motivational or leadership speakers, contact The Lavin Agency today. 

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