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Foreign Policy Under Fire: Introducing New Speaker Jeremy Scahill

Jeremy Scahill—author, investigative reporter, and a founding editor of The Intercept—is a prominent critic of America's War on Terror, a campaign marked by assassinations, drone strikes, surveillance, and covert ops. An increasingly important figure in the media, he calls into question the institution of targeted killings as a cleaner method of threat elimination—are drone strikes really more precise or humane? And by removing ourselves from the process, are we dehumanizing our enemies? In timely keynotes, Scahill pulls from two decades’ experience in independent journalism to reveal the hidden dimensions of US foreign policy. 

Jeremy Scahill is one of three founding editors of The Intercept, an independent news publication with a particular focus on the NSA, encryption, espionage, and larger criminal justice issues. Launched in 2014, the journal aims to shed light on stories buried by conventional news media, incite public dialogue, and have a tangible impact on policy debate, all while maintaining editorial independence. Scahill's latest effort, co-authored with the staff of The Intercept, is The Assassination Complex: Inside the Government’s Secret Drone Warfare Program, complete with a foreword by Edward Snowden. His previous works, Blackwater and Dirty Wars, have been international bestsellers, the latter of which became a short film nominated for the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

Scahill’s talks are forthright and thought-provoking. In addition to critiquing foreign policy, he’s also adept at assessing today’s media landscape. When we become fixated on the reality-style sideshow of the election primaries, he says, policy decisions abroad take a backseat—war crimes and casualties go underreported and largely unnoticed. But Scahill is looking to flip the script. And with the election cycle once again in full swing, his keynotes have never been more pertinent. 

Prior to his work with The Intercept, Scahill served as a war correspondent, reporting from Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Nigeria, and the former Yugoslavia. He’s been the national security correspondent for The Nation and Democracy Now!, and has appeared on every major news network—CNN, MSNBC, ABC World News, CBS Evening News, NBC Nightly News and more.  His writing has been featured in The Times, the BBC, the Sunday Telegraph, and The Los Angeles Times. Scahill has twice been awarded the George Polk Award, once for his work with Democracy Now! and again for his book Blackwater. He’s an essential speaker for Americans navigating a post-9/11 society—and one on the forefront of the discussion around transparency, accountability, and genuine democracy. 

To hear Jeremy Scahill’s eye-opening, urgent keynote on the new school of covert warfare, or his take on upholding journalistic standards in an era of surveillance and control, contact The Lavin Agency, his exclusive speakers bureau.

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