innovation | January 14, 2015

First Look: A Curious Mind, the New Book by Charles Fishman and Brian Grazer

Speaker Charles Fishman dropped by Lavin's Toronto office this morning to tell us a bit about his new book, A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life. Inspired by Academy Award-winning producer Brian Grazer's weekly “curiosity conversations” with accomplished strangers (and with cover art by artist Jeff Koons!), the book takes a look at the power of curiosity: how an open mind and hunger for knowledge can inspire and improve us. Fishman will be delivering his new talk about curiosity at the Rotman School of Management Big Ideas Speaker Series this evening—we're very much looking forward to seeing it.

More about the book:

Among important qualities of personality, curiosity is the least understood or studied, the least encouraged or appreciated. We seem obsessed these days with "creativity," "imagination," and "leadership." Curiosity gets neither attention nor respect. Except that without curiosity there is no creativity. It is curiosity that sparks the imagination. Inspired leadership starts with curiosity. In their forthcoming book A Curious Mind, Oscar-winning Hollywood producer Brian Grazer and New York Times bestselling author Charles Fishman show how much power curiosity has to make our lives better. Grazer and Fishman have teased apart a half-dozen different kinds of curiosity, and using examples drawn from Grazer's 40-year-career in Hollywood, and from business, science and history, A Curious Mind shows how to use curiosity—how to ask questions—to change the dynamic in your work life, your personal life, your social life. Simply asking the right questions can transform your relationship with your kids, your spouse, a difficult colleague at work: including a whole chapter devoted to how to use curiosity as an unconventional management tool.

A Curious Mind make the case that curiosity is a critical and hugely undervalued tool and character trait, and show how people can exercise their curiosity and use it to tackle a wide range of challenges in daily life. Curiosity is also, quite simply, fun. It's free and democratic. Most of us can't aspire to be Steve Jobs or Steven Spielberg. We can all learn to ask better questions, and learn to listen to the answers. The results are immediate, and often astonishing. Asking questions, and listening, immediately shifts the dynamic in even the most difficult conversations. You also meet and understand people in whole new ways. The goal of A Curious Mind is to start a larger conversation in the culture about putting curiosity in its rightful place among the qualities that we seek, nurture and value.

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