food | April 25, 2016

First Look: Eddie Huang’s New Book, Double Cup Love

For Eddie Huang—accomplished author, TV host, and restaurateur—what’s left to achieve? The answer, it seemed, was to search for a soulmate—and for himself. In his new book Double Cup Love: On the Trail of Family, Food, and Broken Hearts in China (available May 31st), Huang takes a deep dive into Chinese cooking and culture, from the high-end restaurants of Shanghai to the street-side soup vendors of Chengdu, and finds love and purpose along the way. 

After meeting Dena—an Italian-American girl from Scranton, PA—in a Brooklyn bar, Huang thought his future was set. But he soon faced an identity crisis. At his restaurant Baohaus, his Taiwanese steamed buns had definitively won the hearts and stomachs of the New York hipster set. But would his Chinese-American hybrid cooking pass the taste test in China? And how well did he really know his own culture? With his new girlfriend and two younger brothers in tow, Huang boarded a plane for the motherland with twin goals: to reconnect with his roots, and to see if had found true love.

On his dual-purpose quest, the venerated celebrity chef weighs his past, present, and future—and searches for meaning in food, family, and the land of his forefathers. “With his gift for conversation, edgy humor, and deeply knowledgeable palate,” says Publishers Weekly in an advance review, “readers get a sense of a young chef on a serious quest.” And with further praise, Kirkus Reviews says, “Huang possesses a fiery descriptive flair capable of splicing disparate cultural references with the acuity of a yakitori grill master.”

Eddie Huang has done it all. His top-selling memoir Fresh Off the Boat made history as the first Asian American family-centric show in 20 years. His wildly popular Taiwanese restaurant, Baohaus, earns rave reviews in New York City’s East Village. He’s the host of MTV’s ­Snack-Off, and his brand new food/travel series Huang’s World debuted on Viceland this spring. And to top it off, Huang is a phenomenal keynote speaker—he rolls diversity, food, politics, and cultural identity together in a way no one can replicate. Delivered in the same hilarious and culture-savvy voice as his keynotes, Eddie Huang’s Double Cup Love is a triumph of self and a reminder that to move forward in life, sometimes we need to look back.

In always-entertaining keynotes, Eddie Huang talks food, diversity, entrepreneurship, and his life on MTV and VICE. To book Eddie Huang, contact The Lavin Agency, his exclusive speakers bureau.

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