meeting planners | September 03, 2012

Event Planners Have Fun Promoting Dr. Richard Heinzl’s Upcoming College Talk

Someone has been writing cryptic messages—in chalk!—on the sidewalks at the Ursinus College Center for Science and the Common Good. "Who is Heinzl?" asks one of many teaser inscriptions. Other chalk renderings quote from a book on humanitarianism, Cambodia Calling. It turns out that this guerilla marketing has been employed by clever event planners at the college, in anticipation of a keynote by Dr. Richard Heinzl, the founder of the first North American chapter of Doctors Without Borders.

Dr. Heinzl, a humble and engaging speaker, has had more than a handful of life-changing experiences to share with students. His memoir, Cambodia Calling—which inspired a lot of the chalk quotes—has particularly moved the Ursunis students. Drawing from lessons he has learned of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, Dr. Heinzl will speak to them about our increasingly shrinking world and the opportunities for positive social change that exist because of this situation.

Over email, Dr. Heinzl told us he plans to discuss “what happens to people who get caught up in war and poverty." He adds: "I'll try to paint a picture of this whole wide world and bring it back home to make it relevant for the students."

The newly opened center, where he will be presenting, was developed to promote the intrinsic link between the sciences and ethics and social good. Heinzl's first-hand experience with the way that medicine and scientific developments can vastly improve the quality of life of those all over the world makes him an ideal speaker. And you can quote us in chalk!