environmental design | February 22, 2011

Environmentalism is Not a Passive Act: Design Speaker Natalie Jeremijenko Honored by Fast Company

Fast Company’s recent list of the Most Influential Women in Design for 2011 includes Natalie Jeremijenko, the NYU professor for whom “environmentalism is not a passive act of cutting back, it’s all about getting out there and doing more.” The business magazine writes that Jeremijenko, a Lavin design speaker, “seeks to use new technologies, generally manufactured by large corporations and the military, and use those technologies for social and environmental good.”

One of America’s most radical yet staunchly practical designers, Jeremijenko is currently developing sustainable food (marshmallow cocktails that may help frogs ward off extinction) as well as less harmful flight solutions. Flight is one of our most environmentally harmful activities, and algae fuels, a substitute for traditional fuels, provides only incremental improvements. Jeremijenko’s solution — which, despite her protest that she’s “not a science fiction writer,” — involves, no joke, the use of personal jet-packs. The future as she envisions it isn’t only sustainable, it’s just outright cool.

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