environment | April 30, 2013

Environment Speaker Camille Seaman Named A Knight Journalism Fellow

Thanks to her innovative proposal to "raise the profile of indigenous perspectives on the news," environment speaker Camille Seaman has been chosen out of 100 applicants for a prestigious John S. Knight Journalism Fellowship. Seaman, the photographer behind the breath-taking photo series, "The Last Iceberg", has set out to create a website to promote diverse stories in the news. The project will apply "indigenous perspectives and wisdom to current environmental stories and issues." Her role as a fellow will include disseminating diverse stories to the public as well as experimenting with new technologies to help journalists better connect with a changing American demographic. This includes a special focus on the extended application of digital and online tools to better connect with the tech-savvy millennial population.

In her TED talk (embedded above), Seaman shares her award-winning photos and the story that each of them tells about our rapidly changing world. "I approach photographing icebergs as if I'm making portraits of my ancestors," she has said of her work, "knowing that in these individual moments they exist in that way and will never exist again." Using photography as her main medium, she presents breathtaking insight into pressing environmental and social issues. She is the author of two books, My China and Melting Away: Polar Images, and is also a TED Fellow. Her previous work, as well as what she is set to do with her newly acquired fellowship, sparks compelling discussion about our surroundings. Seaman urges audiences to find a way to connect with the world around them, showing them that everything on the planet has its own life force. And, she reminds us that our intertwined connection with the human, animal, and natural world connects all of our fates.

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