politics & society | April 18, 2018

Empathy Takes the Pulitzer: Jake Halpern’s New York Times Series “Welcome to the New World” Wins Prize

Journalist and speaker Jake Halpern took the Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning this week, the first time a writer (and non-artist) has won. The 20-part “Welcome to the New World” series tells the story of a Syrian family, new to the US and dealing with the possibility of deportation. In a Pulitzer season of history-making wins, Halpern’s award recognizes the value of compassion and inclusion, in storytelling, and in life.

With his collaborator Michael Sloan, Halpern illustrated the timely story of a family coming to a new world, with the added concerns of their adopted nation’s policies and prejudice. Prior to this award-winning series, Halpern published the real-life thriller Bad Paper, where he dove into the Wild West of consumer debt collection. The result is a dazzling keynote speech about corporate accountability and consumer confidence, the lives of real Americans, and the economic and societal impacts of debt. 


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