diversity | September 15, 2013

The Muslims Are Coming!: Negin Farsad Debuts Her Social Justice Comedy

“After September 11, being Muslim almost became an accusation,” comedian and diversity speaker Negin Farsad told Policy Mic. "It was almost like, 'How dare you be Muslim!'" She adds: "The idea of 'being Muslim' was used to galvanize another group of people." Policy Mic calls Farsad "courageous" for her efforts to combat Islamophobia. In her new film, The Muslims are Coming!, Farsad and Dean Obeidallah, fellow comedian and co-director, travel across America doing stand-up. They also take to the streets with their "Ask a Muslim," booth, hold signs urging passersby to "Hug a Muslim," and arrange a "Bowl with a Muslim" event. The film, which has been premiering at cinemas across the country starting last week, explores diversity and the power of comedy. (Check out the film's official website to get a full listing of showtimes across the United States). The film has already received a wealth of positive praise. Entertainment Weekly named it as an "Editor’s Pick—Fall Previews," it received the Audience Award at the 2012 Austin Film Festival and was the recipient of the 2012 Khalil Gibran Humanitarian Award, The Arab-American Institute.

Above: Here's a shot of Farsad doing stand-up for a scene in her film, The Muslims are Coming! (To view the trailer, click on the embedded video above).

Here's what some of the early reviews are saying about Farsad's film:

"Mostly funny, sometimes poignant and often telling." —The Huffington Post

"[The Muslims are Coming!] packs a funny but trenchant punch . . . the best of it provides a perspective, and a punch, transcending the same old punch lines." —The Chicago Tribune

"They try to keep it light, even a little cheesy, in the face of at-times infuriating anti-Muslim attitudes—an approach that best serves their goal of giving America "this big Muslim hug."—The Los Angeles Times

Negin Farsad is at the forefront of social justice comedy—a field that she insists totally exists (or should). As one of few Iranian-American Muslim female comedian/filmmakers, this TED Fellow uses humor—full-scale ridiculousity—to bridge the racial, religious, social, and immigrant gap. Negin has devoted large parts of her career to social justice comedy, particularly as it relates to Islamophobia, immigrant rights, bigotry, and any general lameness foisted on people because of race, religion, socio-economic class, sex, gender, etc. and she relays what she's learned in hilarious, but informative, keynotes. To book Negin Farsad for an event, contact The Lavin Agency.