science | September 08, 2016

The Globe: Levitin’s A Field Guide to Lies Is “Smart, Timely, and Massively Useful”

Daniel Levitin has written three consecutive New York Times bestsellers—This Is Your Brain on Music, The World in Six Songs, and The Organized Mind. This week, he’s launched yet another fascinating, must-read book. His newest effort is called A Field Guide to Lies, and it’s already earned a glowing review in The Globe and Mail, which calls it “[A] smart, timely, and massively useful primer for ‘critical thinking in the information age.’”


With a glut of information readily available online, it’s easy to take unsubstantiated fact as gospel. Misinformation, whether deliberate or ignorant, abounds. In A Field Guide to Lies, Levitin gives us a three-part road map to sifting out the truth. First, he tackles misleading stats. Next, messy verbal reasoning. And, in the final section, he reintroduces us to the scientific method—a principle we likely haven’t seen since high school biology, but would do well to recall, and utilize, in today’s digital world of outright lies and distortions of truth.


Here’s what early reviewers are saying about A Field Guide to Lies


“Levitin’s is that rare book that makes statistics both understandable and at times even intriguing.”
       — Maclean’s

“A crash course in Skepticism 101 ... Valuable tools for anyone willing to evaluate claims and get to the truth of the matter.”
       — Kirkus

“Levitin equips readers with tools to combat misinformation—bad data, false facts, distortions, and their ilk—in this useful primer on the importance of critical thinking in daily life.”
       — Publishers Weekly

To help you navigate today’s sea of half-truth (especially during election season!), pick up a copy of A Field Guide to Lies today. Or, check out some of Levitin’s keynote videos on his speaker page.


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