big data | March 31, 2013

The Economist: Big Data Speaker Charles Wheelan Makes Stats Interesting & Fun

Naked Statistics, the newest book from big data speaker Charles Wheelan, "is a revealing look at statistics’ bare essentials," writes The Economist. Relying on the "trademark humor" that he introduced in his earlier work, Naked Economics, Wheelan "makes statistics interesting and fun," says the review. Further: "His book strips the subject of its complexity to expose the sexy stuff underneath...[and] the results work wonderfully." The rave review also points out that Wheelan was successful in making stats easy to understand and widely applicable to real life situations.

Wheelan argues that stats, data, and economics aren't just essential tools for understanding the world—they can actually be fun if used the right way. Most of us give up on these sciences because we don't see their applications in our every day lives. However, Wheelan injects new life into these so-called 'dull' subjects and shows us how we can use numbers and data to make sense of the world around us. In his fast-paced keynotes and popular Yahoo! column "Naked Statistics," Wheelan customizes his material to fit a wide assortment of different audiences. Not just a statistics and economics expert, Wheelan also lectures on public policy and has advised new graduates on what to expect when they enter the workforce. Wheelan draws on the current trends to show you, no matter what your industry, that numbers are important—and that anyone can understand how to use them to their advantage.

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