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Shark Tank Is Back: Meet Speakers Kevin O'Leary, Daymond John, & Robert Herjavec

With new episodes of ABC's hit Shark Tank premiering tomorrow, what better time to take a look at the stars of the series: Our business strategy speakers Kevin O'Leary, Daymond John, and Robert Herjavec. On the show, the business experts weigh in on the best and worst ideas that hopeful entrepreneurs have to offer. Using the insight they have acquired through innovating and creating their own empires, and, managing their brands, John, Daymond, and Herjavec act as tough, but fair, members of the show's panel of "sharks."

The advice they offer guests on the show is similar to the insight they deliver in their keynotes. Each speaker knows what's hot, what will sell, and, what can successfully be brought to market (and how to do so). They also share the lessons they themselves have learned along their journeys, providing a guide for those wishing to take on entrepreneurial ventures themselves.

For a more detailed overview of what to expect from their speeches, check out the list below:

Kevin O'Leary:
With candor and unmatched business smarts, Kevin O'Leary draws on his encyclopedic knowledge of finance, investing, economics, and business to discuss a variety of topics. How, for instance, will the global recession affect a myriad of industries, including your own, and what can you do to protect your company, and come out stronger than ever? Razor sharp and quick on his feet, O'Leary pulls no punches in his enlightening and timely talks.

Daymond John:
Daymond John can speak to a variety of marketing, branding, and business topics, including:
(1) The Brand Within: Branding Yourself from Birth to the Boardroom
(2) Fostering Creativity
(3) How to Negotiate: Lessons from an Entrepreneurial Icon
(4) Negotiating for Women: Going Toe to Toe with the Big Boys
(5) Take the Plunge: You Can Swim with the Sharks

Robert Herjavec:
The earnest investor believes that success requires a strong dedication to vision—audiences will see for themselves once the charismatic star shares his story. Herjavec gives back constantly by sharing hard-earned insights with an easy warmth and unshakable integrity. His personal path to work is a principled approach that folds in life advice applicable to wealth and success. Distilled to their essence, his suggestions require a willingness to take chances and grab hold of the reins leading anyone—from in the classroom to in the boardroom—to a future of their own creation.

To book one of these three business stategy speakers, or, to talk to someone at our agency about or other great speakers, contact The Lavin Agency.

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