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Interstellar Co-Producer Lynda Obst on Innovation and Hollywood's New Normal

Christopher Nolan's much buzzed-about new sci-fi film Interstellar—produced by Nolan, Emma Thomas, and Lavin speaker Lynda Obst—opens today. The New York Times recently praised the film's epic approach to filmmaking, writing: "Interstellar becomes an allegory of its own aspirations, an argument for grandeur, scale, and risk, on screen and off." Not only is it visually stunning, says the Times, it's innovative: "[it's] a terrifically entertaining science-fiction movie, giving fresh life to scenes and situations we’ve seen a hundred times before."

Innovation in Hollywood is of particular interest to Obst, whose popular keynotes talk about "the new abnormal" in filmmaking—where ideas are recycled, innovation is in short supply, and the old magic is nowhere to be found. A super-producer behind Sleepless in Seattle and Contact, and author of Hello, He Lied and Sleepless in Hollywood, Obst looks at how to breathe life—and innovation—back into any industry that's lost its way. Both wise and radical, and deeply practical, she delivers a clarion call to embrace change, reward creativity, and return to making the things that inspire and change us.

Check out the trailer for Interstellar:

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