celebrities | October 22, 2012

Gawker: Spike Lee's Bad 25 "Elevates the Rock Doc to an Art Form"

The website Gawker, not generally known for glowing reviews, calls Spike Lee's new Michael Jackson documentary, Bad 25, "the greatest Behind the Music episode of all time," adding that the film "elevates the rock doc to an art form." Encapsulating the life of one of the music industry's most prolific, and also most scandalized, icons is certainly a daunting task. But Lee's firm grasp of cinema and near unrivaled ability to weave a complex story into an easy-to-manage pop culture manifesto shows viewers a side of the legend that they rarely, if ever, got to see. "At over two hours in length," writes Gawker, "what could have felt like a bloated obituary is unmistakably alive." Using songs from Michael Jackson's Bad, as well as concert footage and behind-the-scenes video interviews, Lee pulls back the curtain to reveal the man behind the celebrity.

One of the most outspoken filmmakers of our time, Lee documents the life of one of the world's most controversial musicians in a match made in Hollywood heaven. Going beyond a simple "making of" of Jackson's blockbuster album, the Peabody Award-winning director shows us the making of a man, a celebrity, and an icon who is still impacting the world even years after his death. Lee's undeniable talent for telling a story in any medium—from film, to live talks, to media appearances—brings the people and events that shape our history into context, leaving us with unforgettable pieces of work that linger with audiences long after the reel is finished.

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