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Forbes Names Jennifer Corriero An "Innovative Rising Star"

Few understand what makes Generation Y tick like Jennifer Corriero. The fact that these young people are so in tune with technology and social media makes them a powerful force for achieving social change. She co-founded TakingIT Global to help engage youth with activism through the use of Web 2.0. And, thanks to the success of her project, Forbes recently named her as one of its 5 Innovative Rising Stars in Education, Healthcare, and Environment.

The list was compiled by Gabi Zedlmayer, the Vice President of Sustainability and Social Innovation at HP. How did she decide who made the cut? Zedlmayer categorizes Corriero and her fellow "rising stars" as being a part of "the next generation of women who are attacking the status quo with positive actions." Corriero certainly meets that criteria. And, her work impacts all three disciplines Forbes recognized: Education, healthcare, and the environment.

What's her mandate in 140-characters-or-less? "To get young people actively engaged as learners, developers, decision-makers, and partners in shaping a more peaceful, inclusive, and sustainable world." She's been recognized by World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader and works as a youth engagement consultant for some of the world's biggest companies. She's also recently been appointed as Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Health at York University and teaches students how to better harness the power of digital technology. Not only that, but she speaks to the potential of incorporating technology into the classroom and the workplace. On stage, she pinpoints how youth can tackle some of today's biggest issues, and, how everyone else can tune in to them and do their part, as well.

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