education | November 04, 2012

Education Speaker Juliette LaMontagne Joins Forces With TED Speakers [VIDEO]

"I've always felt passionately about transforming or activating TED's 'Ideas Worth Spreading,'"Juliette LaMontagne, founder of Breaker, said recently. "So I've engineered for that." Collaboration plays a huge role in the projects that Breaker, her social entrepreneurship program, undertakes. While the organization has always paired students with mentors, LaMontagne has now added TED speakers to the mix— using their ideas as a jumping-off point to kick start innovative projects and find new solutions to overarching social issues. Many times, the former high school teacher said she would leave a TED conference with a fresh take on global issues—but had no real outlet to utilize that inspiration. In TED style talks, chosen speakers share the breakthrough work they are doing with the Breaker participants; creating a partnership where great ideas can be transformed into radical solutions while spreading the TED speakers' visions beyond the stage.

A visionary herself, LaMontagne knows the value that exists when you think outside the box and let creativity and design lead in learning and innovation. In her talks, she speaks to the revolutionary projects that are being produced by Breaker participants. She explores the value that exists in turning learning on its head—and challenges us to take a chance on young, creative minds, and embrace the potential that exists in collaborative, interdisciplinary learning.