environment | April 21, 2013

Earth Day 2013: Adria Vasil Suggests Small Changes For A Greener Future

"The truth is everything we do over the course of our day has a hidden environmental impact," Earth Day speaker Adria Vasil tells the Huffington Post, "from the banana we snag at breakfast to the soap we wash our faces with at the end of the day." Although many of us recycle, walk instead of driving when possible, and try to make greener choices, there are numerous other things we do every day that causes harm to the planet. Earth Day is the perfect time to analyze the decisions we make every day, and think about how we can make more environmentally friendly ones instead.

Planning on picking up some sushi for dinner tonight? Vasil suggests investing in a pair of reusable chopsticks. Big coffee drinker? Try opting for brown paper filters made from recycled fibers, or a reusable cloth, stainless steel, or gold filter, instead of the traditional bleached-white ones. We can also take note of whether the coffee we buy is shade-grown. That means it's grown under a canopy and tends to contain less pesticides, while also providing a home for wildlife. Love eating your veggies year round—even if certain varieties aren't in season where you live? Vasil advises us to steer clear of the canned variety and purchase frozen ones instead, as canned veggies are often ripe with BPA.

In her popular Ecoholic newspaper column, Vasil provides practical tips on how to make greener choices in our everyday lives. These small acts, while seemingly insignificant and often of little burden, are actually powerful drivers of environmental change. "There are so many ways that small acts can help stave off major environmental crises," Vasil concludes in the article, "even just with the stuff we put on, in, and around our bodies every day." Whether its in his column, his books, or her stage presentations, Vasil shows us the little changes we can all make to help our wallets, our health, and our planet.

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