leadership | April 22, 2013

Drew Dudley's Leadership Talk Is A "Must-Listen" For All Organizations

"When people feel like they're leaders, they want to want to step up and be good ones," Drew Dudley told listeners on the Advanced Selling podcast this week. A popular leadership speaker himself, Dudley explains that being a leader isn't reserved for a small group of people. We need to stop shying away from the title, he argues, because it not only hurts companies and organizations—it holds back society as a whole.  In his TEDx Talk "Everyday Leadership" (which recently surpassed one million all-time views) he expands on the importance of owning the leadership qualities you posses. And, as the hosts of the Advanced Selling podcast say, the talk is "a must-listen for sales managers and company leaders in addition to top performing salespeople."

After you've embraced the title of 'leader', how do you incorporate it into what you do and make your organization more successful? How do you 'win' the game? Well, as Dudley says, you need to stop playing the 'game' altogether. When we see our careers as a game that must be won, we fall into the idea that someone's win means everyone else's loss. Dudley suggests that we stop focusing on winning in an effort to acquire what we perceive to be a finite amount of success. Instead, let's focus on adding value to the things we do. "Try to find a way to give people something they didn't know they wanted or needed every time you interact with them," he says.

How do you do that? Don't focus on what you have to do, he tells the listeners, focus on what you have to be. When you concentrate on being the person you want to be, and embracing the impact that you have on others, it drives you to make valuable contributions to those around you. Further, adhering to a set of values makes you a desirable person to do business with—and you can start to build connections based on that. In the podcast, and in his speeches, Dudley combines humor with touching anecdotes to provide practical solutions for strengthening leadership within organizations. Not only that, but Dudley's lessons extend to our lives in general—helping us make better decisions each day that allow us to achieve our goals, all while making someone else's life better in the process.

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