technology | December 20, 2019

Optimizing Tech for Human Flourishing: Digital Theorist Douglas Rushkoff Featured on CBC

Once upon a time, technology was lauded for its potential to bring people together and strengthen human bonds. Today, our ability to connect is being threatened by destructive online forces that profit when we’re divided into increasingly smaller, radicalized groups. Featured on CBC Radio’s Ideas with Nahlah Ayed, Douglas Rushkoff makes the case for putting humans before social media. 

How do we make the world a better place to be human? Especially in a world where social media platforms and algorithms seem to have a vested interest in tearing us apart? In his latest book Team Human, prolific author and preeminent digital theorist Douglas Rushkoff makes a compelling argument for reaffirming our identity as social beings.

We are colonizing human attention, says Rushkoff, suggesting that our lives and minds have become commodities in a technological, attention-based economy. His book offers a hopeful vision for the future. “Instead of using technology to optimize human beings for the market, which is really what we're doing with digital tech today, we can optimize technology [...] for the collective human flourishing.”


Team Human was named Best Management & Workplace Culture Book at Porchlight’s Business Book Awards, and is currently shortlisted for their Best Business Book of the Year for 2019.


Listen to the full CBC  segment here.


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